Revised April 30, 2008


  • Each cup is filled with approximately 1/5 of a beer or malt beverage of choice (1/6 for a 6-cup game).  When other measures are used, a reasonable amount of liquid should be in the cup to keep it stable.
  • The table should be kept clean and dry - each team is responsible for its own half of the table.
  • Players must remain standing at all times.


  • The winner of a game has the option to stay at the table, and gets the first full possession after the oncoming team throws one ball to start the game.
  • If 2 new teams are at the table, one player from each team throws a ball at the same time.  This continues until only one team sinks a cup - that team is the champion and the other team gets their one shot.


  • Throwers must stand behind the back of the table (but may move any amount to the side), and must keep their elbows at or behind the back of the triangle.
  • Defenders may not stand forward of the back of the triangle, but may reach as far as necessary.
  • All members of a team must remain on their side of the table at all times.  Crossing the line to interfere with another player or the game in any way will results in one of that player's cups being removed.


  • A possession is 2 shots.  If both shots are made, the team earns a new possession.
  • A possession begins from the time a ball is removed from the rinse cup.  No shots may be taken while a rerack is being done - cups must be released immediately following the rerack.  No delay of game allowed. 
  • Should you drop or cause a ball to fall into one of your own cups at any time, remove the cup, drink its contents and move on.  If it's the last cup, drink it, refill it, and respot it.


  • If a shot is thrown into a cup, that cup becomes live.  A live cup should be removed and a member of the team it belongs to should drink it.  Once live, a cup remains live until it is empty.  A live cup MUST be removed from the rack at the end of a possession.
  • If it is necessary to delay or combine drinks, removed game cups may be poured into another game cup or a dedicated drinking cup - in such cases, any such cups are live until they are empty.


  • Cups can only be moved/rearranged before a possession.  No exceptions.
  • Reracks can only occur when there are 10, 6, 4, and 2 cups left; the back of the rack of cups should always line up with the back of the triangle.


  • If a ball touches any object or opposing team's hand, whether intentionally or unintentionally before landing in a cup, an extra cup is removed - unless it is the last cup.
  • If a ball lands in a live cup, 2 extra cups are removed (if the live cup was already out of the rack, 3 cups are removed from the rack) - and the throwing team automatically gets a new possession.
  • If a ball is dropped into a live cup, 1 extra cup is removed from the rack, and the team forfeits its current possession.
  • If a ball lands on top of the cups, all cups the ball is touching are removed.
  • If multiple rules apply, their extra cups are added together


  • BLOWING: If a ball is swirling at the top of the cup, it may be blown out by any female team member.  Sorry guys.  Once it touches beer, it's in.
  • DEFLECTING/SWATTING: Once a ball touches the table or any object, it can be deflected or swatted away from the cups.
    • If a swatted ball lands in a cup belonging to the defending team, an extra cup is removed. 
    • If a swatted ball lands in a cup belonging to the throwing team, that cup is removed and is not counted as a made shot.  If it is the last cup, the game is over. 
    • A ball can not be swatted after it touches any surface twice (i.e. two bounces on the table), but can touch any number of different surfaces (i.e. floor, table, wall).


  • If a player touches a ball before it touches a table or another object, and that ball had a reasonable chance of making it into a cup, it is goaltending - a cup is removed, and the thrower gets to take the shot over.
  • If a ball or thrower is intentionally or unintentionally interfered with by a non-player, a shot may be taken over.


  • If a cup is knocked off the table, except by a ball, and is caught before it is empty, one team member must drink what's left in it - it is then refilled and respotted.
  • If a cup falls off the table and hits the ground, or is driven off the table by a ball, it is out of play. 
    • If a thrown ball drove it off, it counts as a made shot
    • If it is the last cup, it is refilled and respotted.  If it was driven off the table by a thrown ball, the shooter gets a chance to throw again.


  • If the last cup is cleared with 2 balls, or the throwing team is entitled to a new possession for any reason, the game is over and there is no rebuttal; that team wins.
  • If the last cup is cleared, and the opposing team would normally get the balls back, they get a "shoot till you miss" rebuttal. 
  • Reracks continue on schedule, but there are no extra cups during the rebuttal (making both balls into one cup counts as 2 shots, but only one cup is removed)
  • The rebuttal starts with a 2 shot possession. 
  • In each possession, making both shots earns a new 2-shot possession.  Making 1 earns a new 1-shot possession.
  • Rebuttal ends:
    • With a LOSS, when no shots are made in a possession (after 2 misses)
    • With a WIN, when 2 shots in one possession land in either the last cup or the last 2 cups.  This can not be done after a miss.
    • With OVERTIME, when the last cup is made with only one shot... 


  • 3 cups are filled and spotted on each side. 
  • Regular game rules apply except:
    • There are no reracks and no rearranging of cups. 
    • Cups can not be removed from the rack until the end of a possession.
    • No exceptions are made for the last cup.

END OF GAME/SPEED RULE (Must be decided in advance)

  • If both players made a shot (either both into the last cup or one into each of the last two cups), or they are entitled to a new possession for any reason, the game is over; they win and there is no rebuttal.
  • If only one player makes a shot, it is left on the table, full, and the other team gets a one possession rebuttal (new possessions can be earned if enough cups remain).  That team can
    • LOSE by not clearing all of the cups
    • WIN by clearing all cups and making both of the last 2 shots (either both into the last cup or one into each of the last two cups)
    • TIE by making the last cup with only one shot.  Play continues with 1 cup on each side - there is no overtime.