Kitchen: The Final Phase.

Brought to you by Busch, makers of fine beer.

Now, without further ado ...  the first look at our countertop.

They must know us; you'll note it has already been turned into a horizontal surface.

A conundrum...  Actually, an issue with the height of the dishwasher

Phil (contractor Phil, not me Phil) came by to assist with the dishwasher problem, so it's under control.  Now, let's see those countertops!

Some sort of gizmo thing doing it's voodoo magic to the seams in the granite.

We opted to go without a sink, so just had them mark off where one would go

Some of the voodoo apparently has to be done by hand.

This is how we put up backsplash.

Oh, and I'm told the "gizmo thing" is a vacuum clamp that sticks to the granite to allow them to get a tight seam between the pieces.

I was right with the V, but it is vacuum, not voodoo.


Lots of lights AND countertop look good together

The bar and "staging" area

So Phil (contractor Phil, not me Phil) was a little bored - but we were happy having him here with the granite guys incase of problems. 

So, what's a bored contractor to do, when there is nothing else he can easily use his real talent on...  but clean and arrange furniture!

A look at the sink/faucet

And zoom.

Our entire family was waiting for us when we got home.

We still can't find the spot for the stove that's JUST right.  So, currently it enjoys a 45 degree angle just outside of the kitchen.

If contractor work ever slows down, Phil (contractor Phil, not me Phil) could consider decorating

Even with the finished look, at least one piece of "unfinishedness" remains...

As does a mystery ...

Green = we didn't know what the circuit was and it's been solved.
Red = we still don't know what the circuit is, but it's now tripped and won't reset.

Back to a finished look now?  Perhaps a look at the dishwasher.

While the dusty work was being done, we had the fish tank covered...  We removed the cover the other day and were amazed at how good a job our new Fred (pleco) was doing cleaning the tank.

So now that the pantries are in, we might as well use them...

After a brief delay, we return ...  Happy Presidents' Day!

We know how to set a table!

Pile of meat and cheese.. in the oven.

I couldn't figure out the self-timer on the camera, so ...  you get to watch us enjoy our dinners separately.

Yum, raspberry iced tea.

Pink Floyd pops into my head as I look at the wall...