Q:  How come it's the Cinco de Mayo party and not the Nueve de Mayo party?  Your party is on May 9th and not May 5th you idiots.
A:  Good question.  Obviously you were paying attention in High School Spanish class.  You see, May 5th is on Monday, and Mondays suck to have parties.

Q:  Why is the party called PhilPhest 2007 when clearly it is 2008?
A:  Because Phil was lazy and did not have PhilPhest 2007 in 2007.  Procrastinator.

Q:  What is Cinco de Mayo anyway?
A:  Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday where they celebrate a victory over the French in a battle in 1862.

Q:  Why would we celebrate that?
A:  It gives us a good excuse to drink margaritas, Coronas, tequila, and other festive Mexican beverages.  Oh, and nachos are cool.

Q:  Whose birthdays are we celebrating?
A:  We celebrate the 5 birthdays that happen on or near Cinco de Mayo (Whiz 5/5, Joe Detomaso 5/5, Joe Mama 5/7, Biz 5/7, Phil 5/8)

Q:  Who the hell are Joe C. and Biz?
A:  Cool friends of ours who like to party.

Q:  Did you come up with these questions yourself?
A:  Duh, no, they were AXED frequently.

Q:  Does Whiz know you plagarized his e-mail?
A:  Yes.  Yes, he does. 

Q:  How do I get there?
Check out the directions!